CS373 Week 3: David Durairaj

  1. What did you do this past week?

This past week, I was able to pass the 3 Hackerrank test cases which I am very happy about. I spent two days trying to find a bug in my code that wasn’t passing the third stress test case, but I finally found it and improved my code. I also got a head start on some of my other school work as I was away for a day event.

2. What’s in your way?

The main thing in my way is finding time to do extra things in my life like exercising. I am still trying to fit my life around this semester’s courses, and in the process, I end up losing time to that pursuit. I am also beginning to feel the pressure of my first test in 2 weeks, especially as this week I have 3 CS projects all due on Thursday night.

3. What will you do next week?

Next week, I plan on boosting my work output to get the remaining components of all my projects done and submitted on time. While I am making progress on most of those assignments, I have to be on top of the little things like formatting in order to get maximum credit.

4. What was your experience of learning the basics of Python?
I loved the way Professor Downing presented to basics of Python. He sequentially and logically talked us through the basics of the Python language, and what really helped me was his explanation on the similarities and differences between Python and Java / C++. I feel better prepared to tackle future python projects with this foundational series on Python, and I hope to become a better programmer, especially in the Python language.

5. What’s your pick-of-the-week or tip-of-the-week?
My tip of the week is to not procrastinate on your CS projects! Even seemingly easy projects can end up taking more time than was previously expected. I was fortunate to start my projects early and set up my dev environment, but I also saw others feeling anxious because they hadn’t started on their projects yet. I realize that life gets in the way, but I have found that starting projects and asking for help earlier in the process can tremendously reduce stress and improve your life overall.

Software Engineer | CS @ UT Austin